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Grow & Make

Kits To Make Your Own At Home

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Let’s face it. Walking into a store, popping something into your basket and paying for it is quite convenient. However, convenience comes at a price. Do you know what’s in your soap? Shaving cream? Candles? Lip balm? Cheese? If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be using it.

But…what can you do? DIY alternatives would be mind-numbingly complex, right?


DIY Self Sufficiency is here to prove that anyone can become the master of their life; growing fresh, all-natural ingredients - quickly and easily. You can use our website to buy Grow and Make crafting kits for almost any occasion. These kits can be utilized in the comfort of your own home. Everything is right there in the box, meaning no more endless searching for the things you need.


The kits represent the perfect, natural, organic and eco-friendly alternative to mainstream store-bought products. Not many people realize that these are pumped with animal byproducts and harmful additives.


Take your pick from the soap-making kits, cheese-making kits, candle-making kits, sauce-making kits, or lip balm kits or the many others on offer. Later, you can use the things you’ve grown in your garden as ingredients. Imagine having rose scented soaps made with your own roses! With instructions included, it’s 100% fool-proof. Everything’s all in one box to keep things simple.


Better yet, once you master the art, you could even start your own business. What you don’t sell you’ll still have a fantastic set of usable products to enjoy. The kits also make up into the perfect personalized gifts for families, friends, even co-workers.


Ready to start growing and crafting? Pick your favorite Grow & Make kit today. You’ll be redirected to a site where you’ll find all the information you need, as well as a complete list of the latest prices.


There’s a good reason people trust DIY Self Sufficiency to accelerate their transition into a healthier, more self-sufficient lifestyle. Why not make your first purchase today to find out why?

"The Perfect Day Is Today"


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